2 Nights at Pitchfork Paris

It’s not everyday the Fohnhouse Cats find themselves wandering the same cobbled streets – seeing as how we are geographically challenged – but at the weekend Fohn and a couple of friends joined Martin in his home away from home for two days of Pitchfork-ing in Paris. Music, Jägerbombs and fine dining, mon dieu!

Kicking off at about 6pm, the Fohnhouse crew joined the Pitchfork party just in time to catch the last song from The War on Drugs. The American indie-rockers were then followed on stage by the band we were dying to see, Mogwai. With their instrumental, grand, dynamic pieces, the Scots were truly captivating. Fohn actually went to see James Blake too, the final act of Thursday night, but, sadly, his dulcet, electronic, occasional dubstep tones didn’t float the whole crew’s boat, and we were two men down by the end of the night. Two words: no taste!

Fohn was absent for the second day, but Martin and company returned, full of Jäger and pizza, for a second night of eclectic music. The first act we caught was Mø, who impressed us both with her enjoyably wacky songs and insane stage presence. She was followed by Chvrches, who opened with their addictive ‘We Sink’, ensuring that everybody was bouncing from the off. The next two acts disappear slightly into an alcoholic haze, but Saint Vincent inspired a euphoric response from the crowd, especially with ‘Digital Witness’, while Belle and Sebastian, definitely one of the biggest draws going by the size of the crowd, brought the house down with their rendition of ‘Like Dylan in the Movies’, which had Martin leaping. Not even Paris’s notorious lack of available taxis (and subsequent 5 mile walk home) could put a dampener on his spirits!

Sadly, a wedding prevented us from attending the closing night (bleeding love!), but judging from what we saw over the first two nights, we’d be happy to return next year to do it all over again.

Fohnjang Ghebdinga & Martin Parsons