Film & TV

Farthing Watch – 1.04

As the title suggests, things do not go well.

Farthing Watch – 1.03

ALWAYS follow the crowd…

Phantasm I-V

The balls are back (and Blu!)

The City of the Dead

Christopher Lee, fog and frights – perfect viewing for a rainy Sunday!

Farthing Watch – 1.02

The journey to White Deer Park starts here…

Get Out (2017)

We review Jordan Peele’s first feature.

Farthing Watch – 1.01

And so we begin…

Farthing Watch – Preamble

Here at Fohnhouse we’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic recently, and so decided to reunite with Badger, Fox, Moley and the gang for a trip back to Farthing Wood. 80s babies, continue reading for a treat from the wild!

Takashi Miike’s Black Society Trilogy

A review of the Japanese director’s earlier works examining the effect that the machinations of Asian mafias have on normal people, the police and each other.

Predestination (2015)

A little sci-fi flick that explains why we’re currently feening for a Hawke.