Interview: Deirdre Fishel & Tony Heriza

We talk to the director and producer of Care, a documentary about home care in the USA.

Phantasm I-V

The balls are back (and Blu!)

The City of the Dead

Christopher Lee, fog and frights – perfect viewing for a rainy Sunday!

Get Out (2017)

We review Jordan Peele’s first feature.

Takashi Miike’s Black Society Trilogy

A review of the Japanese director’s earlier works examining the effect that the machinations of Asian mafias have on normal people, the police and each other.

Predestination (2015)

A little sci-fi flick that explains why we’re currently feening for a Hawke.

Grand Piano (2013)

Completely over the top, but the cracking pace and fun performances should keep you onside until the final note.

Gone Girl (2014)

Murder she wrote.

Luna (2014)

A world of realism, origami crabs, sub-Saharan beats and moon men.

The Congress (2014)

The Congress sees Waltz With Bashir director Ari Folman move away from the more harrowing subject of the war in Lebanon, and turn his gaze on Hollywood.