Farthing Watch – Preamble

For those of us born between the late 80s and the very early 90s (in Britain and France, at least, not sure about elsewhere in the world), few TV show titles bring about that Proustian flood of remembrance as strongly as The Animals of Farthing Wood. When I recently stumbled upon the complete DVD collection in Sainsbury’s (released by Network DVD – bless you Network!), buying it immediately was a no-brainer. Seriously, I didn’t even do an Amazon price check. Sharing this news on social media brought about a storm of reminiscences. Whether it’s that iconic theme tune, the wackiness of Weasel or the many, many, MANY horrific deaths, almost everybody has something to say about Farthing Wood.

So here we are, about to rewatch all 39 episodes. If we time it right we should finish up on or around the 25th anniversary in 2018. We’ll publish one article a week, giving a basic rundown of the plot and commenting on the action as it unfolds. Each week we will also list the deaths, some wild wisdom from the Farthing Wood refugees and maybe one or two fun facts as we go along.

Feel free to grab a copy of the DVD yourself (or even pop in the BBC videocassette, if you were lucky enough to get a copy back in the day and still have a VHS player), dig out those old copies of Farthing Wood Friends and join us as we wind the clock back to 1993. We’re in the CBBC Broom Cupboard with Philippa Forrester and Toby Anstis, and an epic journey is about to begin…