Whilst out in the park, a young woman (Alex) realises she has judged an older woman (Michelle) much too quickly after striking up a conversation with her about parenthood.

Director’s Statement

Partly inspired by a friend, Her Care uses themes of parenting and womanhood to tell a story that pits the literal against the metaphoric in order to highlight a stark difference between the two.

Conversations about family, kids, age and female fertility are always taking place, so following feedback on an early draft of the script, I decided to take some of the advice and try to write a more thoughtful story, subsequently choosing to weave some of the aforementioned topical themes into the plot, in an attempt to make a film that challenges and raises questions about our values, perceptions, and the judgements and assumptions we make.

As an individual living in a multicultural society I can’t represent everyone, and only have my voice, but through this film i’m able to share another perspective of our surroundings, from a viewpoint that isn’t always well represented, and having the ability to do this was motivating.

We’re all, ultimately, living in this ever-evolving world, and I wanted to create a compelling depiction of that.

Watch a clip here.