Interview: Deirdre Fishel & Tony Heriza

We talk to the director and producer of Care, a documentary about home care in the USA.

Farthing Watch – 2.02

Snow is falling all around us, foxes starving, Weasel’s dumb, ’tis the season for massacring crayfish, Kestrel’s slaying everyone.

Farthing Watch – 2.01

‘You BEAST! You’ve eaten my WIFE!’

Farthing Watch – 1.13

The animals are now close to reaching White Deer Park – what could possibly go wrong?!

Farthing Watch – 1.12

The animals make it to the church on time – but will they make it out again?!

Farthing Watch – 1.11

The land is poisoned and the animals are getting hungry…

Farthing Watch – 1.10

There’s a big road to cross…and not everybody is going to make it.

Farthing Watch – 1.09

A new friend and some more death, as the animals reach Whistler’s quarry!

Farthing Watch – 1.08

The gang is in danger – and gains a new member.

Farthing Watch – 1.07